What is the ONE thing you can do TODAY to move your dreams, personal growth, marriage, kids, business and social life FORWARD? ONE thing!

In times like these when your daily routine is upside down because of quarantine, work and school from home, it is critical to for you to keep momentum and consistency with little steps of moving forward with your dreams, goals and areas of life.

You might be surprised how far you have come once you look at your life when this crisis will be over.  This too shall pass. And while things will not be the same again in the world after COVID19 YOU will have changed and grown to the better if you keep moving forward in all areas of your life with ONE THING TODAY!

Here is my ONE thing for TODAY list:

Personal growth: Read one chapter in John Maxwell’s Leadershift

Marriage: send Christoph encouraging text while he is at the office – heart

Kids: go exercise outside and have FUN

Business: Start brainstorm for June Keynote

Social: Call Silvia today

What’s your ONE thing TODAY?

In case noone has told you today: I believe in you!


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