What fulfills you and brings you great success in life? If you want to have impact in your life, you have to work in your strength zone. Show me how!

As a speaker, Christine brings her motivational and inspiring energy to every person she meets.


Whether an inspirational teaching for your team, a small group of high achievers or a keynote for a large crowd, Christine is known for her infectious approach that motivates and empowers her audiences to leave the room fired up to take action for change.


Over the past year, Christine has spoken around the world in locations including Los Angeles, Florida, Antwerpen, Frankfurt and Munich.

Christine’s favourite topics to speak on include:


  • Reach your goals in life and business
  • Self leadership: the most important team you lead is yourself
  • Empowerment to unlock your full potential
  • Servant leadership: the greatest call of a leader is to serve others
  • From duty to purpose: Becoming the leader others want to follow
  • Closing the gap: Opportunity is on the other side of crisis
  • Failing forward to success: turning obstacles into opportunities for growth
  • Intentional living: deciding for a life of excellence every day

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The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that’s changing quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

– Mark Zuckerberg (Internet Entrepreneur; Philanthropist; Co-Founder of Facebook, Inc.)