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BIG Vision Leadership provides trainings, consultings and coachings to help businesses and organizations thrive as places that empower, grow and retain the best potential in their teams and leaders to move mountains together for a bigger purpose.


Our mission is to help business and organizations thrive as places that empower, grow and retain the best potential in their teams and leaders by providing them trainings, consulting and coachings that enable them to move mountains together for a bigger purpose.


The world we are living and moving into is in need of purpose and values driven leaders who see their mission in serving all stakeholders involved and the community they live in. Those are the kind of leaders that make a difference, leave a legacy, inspire action and multiply excellent leadership.




It has always been extremely important for the future growth of any company to attract the right talent. Due to generational shifts, increase of digitalization and technology the workplace is exposed to constant change.


With COVID-19 this ongoing change has only been further accelerated. Millennials are already more values driven than the previous generations and Generation Z just starting to enter the workplace will continue to increase this demand. The world after Covid-19 will be even more values driven as people suddenly have the time to identify what really matters to them and set new parameters to the meaning they associate with their life and work. More than ever is it important now that the leaders of a company embody a set of values that showcase what they stand for; that offer potential talent more than simply an exchange of time for money, but rather an opportunity to be part of something greater than themselves.


While the world will never be the same again after COVID 19, this crisis is giving those prepared for the change that is already happening unprecedented opportunities for growth. However, leaders need to recognize that the change starts with them and by doing so not only do they live to their full potential, but they get to help others achieve theirs too. With the right leadership companies will reach heights they have never seen! But the right leadership requires a transformational shift in thinking… It requires as new, but proven form of leadership… Servant Leadership!


At BIG VISION LEADERSHIP we believe servant leadership is the future of organizations, businesses, teams and families. This is why we have developed our SERVANT LEADERSHIP ROADMAP TRAINING.




We partner with leaders and teams to help them grow and transform their leadership potential at an individual – personal and professional, team and organizational level. Organizations, including both their more tangible components such as budgets, organizational charts and policies, and their less tangible elements such as mindsets, attitudes and the organization’s spirit, are ultimately reflections of the values and deepest held beliefs of their leaders. The starting point of every transformation in an organization or team therefore has to be with the individual. While all stakeholders ultimately need to be engaged to carry sustainable transformation forward, the foundation of this journey is executive responsibility and cannot be delegated.


Our SERVANT LEADERSHIP ROADMAP TRAINING is structured in 4 modules that build on each other. Each journey will be completely tailored in close partnership with you and your team to fit the unique values, purpose, strategic needs and context of your organization. While each module has foundational principles to successfully build and guide the process, you decide the length and pace of the journey according to how much time you need in between the modules to reflect and apply principles. Throughout this journey of transformation we will be there along the way to support and coach you in between the modules to make sure that everyone involved feels clear, engaged and aligned around what we are doing to fully benefit from the training.




Due to high demand during the COVID19 crisis we are now offering our modules online as well. Please contact us directly at info@christinewendl.com for more information and how to get started.


We look forward to serving you in making a lasting impact and difference in the world you influence!


BIG Vision Leadership



Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leaders, success is all about growing others.

– Jack Welch- CEO of General Electric; Business Executive; Author; Chemical Engineer