Hi, I’m Christine.


I am deeply passionate about empowering others to reach for the best version of themselves and to make a positive impact as leaders in their area of influence.


We are each designed with unique abilities to develop that leader. Leadership is the daily decision to take responsibility for developing your gifts and using them to serve others. If you do that well and from the heart, people will want to follow you and do the same.


My first exposure to servant leadership over 20 years ago formed my foundational believes that are at the core of my daily leadership work: extraordinary leaders need to lead themselves first before they can lead and motivate the people entrusted to them and – a leader’s highest calling is to empower and develop others.


Christine has worked as a consultant, coach and speaker for well over 15 years  in change projects, organizational development and leadership development programs. These have included small companies or service providers with less than 100 employees, as well as medium-sized global market leaders or international DAX-listed corporations such as Volkswagen, Bosch, Munich RE among others.


As a speaker Christine empowers people from all backgrounds, industries and levels of leadership to become the ones to make the difference and lead as examples of character, values and vision that others truly want to emulate and follow.


Christine founded her own company BIG Vision Leadership in 2018 that provides Servant Leadership training, consulting and coaching.  She joined the HR consultancy firm Strametz as partner in 2021.


As the North American partner of Strametz Christine is also bridging the German and North American market with their unique leadership simulations. As a best practice standard of active learning, simulations enable door opening moments for leaders to discover their default patterns, receive valuable behavioural feedback and leave with an impactful learning experiene on how to elevate their leadership journey to the next level.


What lies behind us and what life before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

– Oliver Wendell Holmes Jnr. (Jurist, Associate Justice, Acting Chief Justice)