Who were you created to be? The biggest risk in life is to play safe, stay within your boundaries and to never live in the full potential and expression of the best version of yourself. I want to know more! You were created to be a leader in your area of influence for a time like this.

Hi, I’m Christine.


I am deeply passionate about empowering others to reach for the best version of themselves and to make a positive impact as leaders in their area of influence, no matter if you are a CEO of a company, a leader of a team, an enterpreneur, employee or a stay-home-mom. We all lead from somewhere!


We all have amazing leadership potential in us and more influence than we are aware of. To develop that leader within you and see exponential growth and sustainable success happen not only for you but the world you impact gives me the greatest joy and sense of meaning.

Challenges and crisis situations remind me I was born for this, born to lead and help others do the same. When life deals me lemons, I make lemonade.


Growing up speaking German, English and Hungarian I was born with the love for travelling and learning about other cultures.  Spending my university and first career years in my second home of beautiful Vancouver, Canada, difficult circumstances made me realize that I did not just want to climb a career ladder – I wanted make a difference with my life and be a change agent. I quickly had to learn what it means to fight for growing your potential, not settling for a compromised version of yourself but to make daily decisions to grow into the God given potential that lies within each of us. Doors opened for me in the healthcare sector to learn from the best about leadership development and how to motivate 8000+ employees with a common vision, mission and values. During these years I realized that leadership development and culture transformation was my calling. If we were all more intentional about how we lead ourselves and the people we lead the world would be a better place. I learned everything I could about values-driven leadership in an environment where people are daily exposed to the most existential questions of life. These rich experiences formed my foundational belief that an extraordinary leader first and continuously needs to lead himself well before he can lead and motivate others to move mountains; and that a leader’s highest calling is only realized as he learns to empower and truly care for the people entrusted to him.

My decision to enhance my education with a Master of Public Health and a certification in Viktor Frankl’s Existential Analysis training led me back to Germany.  During this time life dealt me some great challenges that in hindsight have shaped and prepared me for the work I do today. I am deeply grateful for the dark valleys of my life as they always pushed me to make decisions towards growth and positioned me to help others with their challenges today. Fast forward 15 year of education, professional experience in leadership development, culture transformation, and learning from the best such as John Maxwell, today I do what I was born to do and love: training people from all backgrounds, industries and levels of leadership to become the ones to make the difference, to be leading examples of character, values and vision that others truly want to emulate and follow. After the birth of my second child I founded my own company BIG Vision Leadership in 2018 and have since been supporting world-wide leaders ranging from the automobile, banking and insurance industry, healthcare, education and private sector to elevate their leadership to one of significance and success with the people they lead and serve.


As a person whose greatest passion is to help others develop the best version of themselves, I know how important it is to have people that keep me accountable: my husband and two amazing alpha kids help me to stay humble and grow as a leader every day. Coffee is my best friend and people will tell you that my signature traits are an infectiously good mood, strong faith and a love for dark chocolate. I am a great believer in authenticity and keeping things real. We are each designed with unique abilities to make a difference in the world. Leadership is the daily decision to take responsibility for developing your gifts and using them to serve others. If you do that well and from the heart, people will want to follow you and do the same. That’s how you will build significance, legacy and change the lives and the community around you to the better.


In case no one has told you today: I believe in you!

What lies behind us and what life before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

– Oliver Wendell Holmes Jnr. (Jurist, Associate Justice, Acting Chief Justice)