„Surround yourself with people who make you a better person.“ (Zig Ziglar).

Who we surround ourselves with has a huge impact on who we become and how we grow in life. When I decided to seriously prioritize and invest into relationship building my life changed massively on many levels. I believe the biggest key to healthy growth is to surround yourself with people who you can trust will give you honest feedback, who live a life of integrity themselves and who will hold you accountable to your mission and values. These will also be the people who see greatness in you when you can’t see it yourself. I am so blessed to share my journey with some amazing people of faith, character and generosity of heart. They truly are my biggest networth. For in the end it’s all about relationships and the lives you impacted and touched with your own heart and influence.

In case no one has told you today: I believe in you!


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