It’s day 3 in our new life of 5 week home schooling and virtual office during CoV19- times. After our hearts admittedly took a little jump when we first received the news, we are now fully committed to make this challenge count for way more than it seems to deprive us of right now.

Now is the time to walk the talk, to have a leader‘s mindset and mentality and to see opportunity and potential for growth in the challenges ahead.

A bestselling book of all times says that when all things fail what remains are only these three things: faith, hope and love. So true.

Something powerful happens when the things that we intellectually know and read about become real life experiences  in our own small world. No matter what you are going through right now in these challenging times, NOONE and NOTHING can rob you of your faith, hope and love. Unless YOU allow it to be taken! That‘s where the leadership challenge comes in.  We all have huge opportunity right now to lead in our area of influence and make a difference- whether this is with our kids who have to stay home from kindergarten and school right now for 5 weeks, saving a business from running into the ground and finding a way to keep and motivate our employees as they work from home, extending help to an elderly neighbor who has to stay at home for safety reasons or guarding our own mind from all the fear and negativity that is spreading even faster than the virus throughout  the world right now. Our family is affected in all of these areas and we are all in for the challenge!  Now is the BEST time to step up your leadership and be a light in your area of influence. I believe in you and all of us to get out of this stronger than before. The things we can learn and grow in right now will have an exponentially bigger return than what we are deprived of right now!

In case no one has told you today: I believe in you!


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