Cannot believe this photo was taken at our last and one of the most amazing outings with the kids the day before lockdown was announced in Bavaria 2 weeks ago. That day also marked the official kick-off for my homeoffice, homeschooling, homemaking and homeentertaining of my two kids. Have things been challenging, nerve-racking and chaotic at times? Yes. Have there been blessings in disguise? OH YES!

Now is the BEST time to reinvent.

A crisis brings clarity. Unlike during times when there is smooth sailing, you are now forced to change priorities, cut things, reorganize, reflect and ultimately- reinvent. Many clients have been asking me how to deal with the current situation of quarantine at home. I am challenging them each with the same question.

Ask yourself truthfully and honestly: WHO DO I WANT TO BE WHEN THIS CRISIS IS OVER? – The recalibrate your goals backwards from there.

Two things we know for certain:

  1. This crisis- like any other in history- will be over sooner or later.
  2. Things will not ever be like they were before again.

There has never been a better time to reinvent. Is it hard and difficult to go through this right now? Yes. Do we have a lot of uncertainty about the future? Absolutely. Can we use this time to change for the better, take inventory of what needs to go and get ourselves ready to hit the ground running when COVID 19 is over? Definitely YES!

No excuses. Thanks to the digital age we are living in you have even more freedom today to learn, grow, work on your mindset, reach out to others, build your network and offer true help and value to people who need it right now.

Don‘t rob yourself of this opportunity and blessing in disguise.

Do not waste this crisis, my friends. Ask yourself today: Who do I want to be when this is over? Then take small and consistent action every day and move towards that goal.

In case no one has told you today: I believe in you!


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